The mission of Armada Robotics is to offer students the opportunity to learn leadership, experience, and real-world techniques to creatively meet an engineering challenge with the help of experienced mentors. The team will also foster a cooperative environment dedicated to the growth of all members and mentors as well as the community and other FIRST teams-all while having fun!


Stillwater Area High School
5701 Stillwater Blvd N.
Stillwater, MN 55082
Rooms: B116, B120, B122, B124
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Team Leaders

Coaches and Mentors

Dennis Symalla


Dennis Symalla has, on separate occasions, been referred to as a "jedi", "Yoda", and "Supreme Physics Overlord". His educational background is unfortunately shrouded in mystery, however, an informant says that Dennis may have received his B.S. in Physics at St. John's University. Along with Todd Kapsner, Dennis is a coach and founder of Armada Robotics, and enjoys, according to our source, "watching us struggle and make mistakes" throughout the build-season.

Todd Kapsner


Todd received his B.S. in Technology Education from Bemidji State University, and his Master's from University of Wisconsin - Stout.Here at Stillwater Area Highschool, Todd teaches Engineering Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Woodworking I, Woodworking II, Metalworking I, Metalworking II, Electronics, Automotives, Engineering and Design, and Project Lead the Way. Kapsner is one of the founders and coaches of Armada, and enjoys helping team-members trouble-shoot problems and helping the team fix them.

Vincent Fedor


Vincent Fedor is recieved his B.S. in mechanical enigineering at the University of Minnesota. Among other aspects of the team, Vincent enjoys watching Armada solve mechnical problems and he also enjoys assisting with the designing of the robot, and assisting the build team.

Mark Smith


Mark Smith is an electrical engineer for 3M (a Minnesota-based manufacturing company and one of this team's several sponsors). Mark graduated from the University of Minnesota for electrical engineering and possesses many years of experience designing control systems for 3M machines. Vince Fedor, another one of Armada's mentors, introduced Mark to Team 2508 five years ago, and since then, he has provided Armada with vital technological expertise.